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Funkfernbedieung 4-Tasten / Dhollandia
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Wireless Remote Control Set Dhollandia

€791.31 *

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  • DH2950
Radio remote control 4-functions as a retrofit kit for tail lift / DHOLLANDIA  ... more

Radio remote control 4-functions as a retrofit kit for tail lift / DHOLLANDIA


Consisting of:

  • Hand transmitter
  • Receiver with connection cable
  • SaftyPoint shield


Radio remote controls with SafetyPoint are suitable for use in Germany.

All the functions of a standard tail lift can be operated with a 4-channel radio remote control.

Suitable for: Dhollandia
Reference number: E0453.S.4.SP, E0457.S.4.SP
Suitable for: Dhollandia
Reference number: E0453.S.4.SP, E0457.S.4.SP
Fernbedienung 2-Knopf (4xNO) / Dhollandia Remote Control 2-Button 4xNO / Dhollandia
€65.13 *
Order number: FB2001
Funkfernbedienung Nachrüstsatz Dautel Wireless Remote Control Set Dautel
€730.00 *
Order number: DA2260
Fernbedienung 2-Knopf (4xNO) Remote Control 2-Button (4xNO)
€36.92 *
Order number: FB2000
Fernbedienung 4-Knopf (8xNO) Remote Control 4-Button (8xNO)
€41.73 *
Order number: FB4000
Funkfernbedienung Nachrüstsatz Palfinger Wireless Remote Control Retrofit Kit Palfinger
€535.57 *
Order number: MBB2276
Fernsteuerung 2-Knopf (Satz) / DHOLLANDIA Remote Control 2-Button (Set)
€181.00 *
Order number: DH2961
Warnleuchten-Satz LED (Dhollandia) Flashing Light Set LED (Dhollandia)
€142.00 *
Order number: BL9013
Warnleuchten Satz Hula-Blitz Mini 22 (Master/Slave) Flashing Lights Set Hula-Blitz Mini 22...
€75.20 *
Order number: BL9015.SET
Hydraulikaggregat 24V-1,2kW-1,20ccm / DHOLLANDIA Power Pack 24V-1,2kW-1,2ccm
€1,746.25 *
Order number: DH1950
Warnflaggen-Satz 420x250mm (Aluminium-Halter) Truck Flag Kit 420x250mm (Aluminum holder)
From €24.60 *
Order number: WT8055
Bügelkrampe vz 30x51mm Round Staple 30x51mm
€0.52 *
Order number: PL9120
Fernbedienung 2-Knopf (4xNO) / Magnet Remote Control 2-Button (4xNO) / Magnet
€40.61 *
Order number: FB2005
Reedsensor / Auflage gerade / DHOLLANDIA Reed Sensor / Housing Plate Straight
€128.25 *
Order number: DH3105
Halter Fernbedienung / DHOLLANDIA Holder Remote control
€10.88 *
Order number: DH2962
Rohrstopfen 150x50mm / DAUTEL Pipe Cap 150x50mm
€16.13 *
Order number: DA4905
Warnleuchte Hella 3003 (Akku) Warning Light Hella 3003 (Accu)
€81.60 *
Order number: BL9501
Warnleuchte LED (BÄR/DAUTEL) Flashing Light LED (BÄR/DAUTEL)
€59.90 *
Order number: BL9007
Handsender 4-Kanal / Funkfernbedienung Palfinger Hand Transmitter 4-Channel / Radio Remote...
€311.52 *
Order number: MBB2276.1
Aggregathaube Aggregate Cover
€204.50 *
Order number: DH1716
Kontaktblock NO (grün) / ZEPRO Contact Block NO (green)
€13.08 *
Order number: ZE1072
Stecker 7-polig 12V Plug 7-Pole 12V
€4.30 *
Order number: ST0720
Stecker 4-polig 1h (Ladeleitung) Plug 4-Pole 1h (Charging System)
€48.72 *
Order number: ST0455
Stecker 4-polig 7h (Ladeleitung) Plug 4-Pole7h (Charging System)
€48.72 *
Order number: ST0450
Stecker 3-polig 24V (Ladeleitung) Plug 7-Pole (Charging System)
€39.50 *
Order number: ST0308
Stecker 3-polig 24V 25A (Clang) Ladeleirung Plug 3-Pole 24V 25A (Clang)
€59.60 *
Order number: ST0306
Stecker 3-polig Plug 3-Pole (Plastic)
€7.81 *
Order number: ST0300
Kolbenstange HZ Ø63mm (X1A-1000) / SÖRENSEN Piston Rod LC Ø63mm (X1A-1000)
€278.64 *
Order number: SO6163.1
Hubzylinder Ø63mm (X1A-1000) / SÖRENSEN Lifting Cylinder Ø63mm (X1A-1000)
€860.00 *
Order number: SO6163
Sealing Kit LC Ø40/80mm (X1-1500/1501) / SÖRENSEN Sealing Kit LC Ø40/80mm (X1-1500/1501)
€120.00 *
Order number: SO6015
Schließzylinder Ø45/70mm (X1A-1000) / SÖRENSEN Tilting Cylinder Ø45/70mm (X1A-1000)
€863.28 *
Order number: SO5145
Kabelsatz Plattform X1 (Serie 10) SÖRENSEN Cable Set Platform X1 (Series 10)
€308.33 *
Order number: SO3054
Neigungssensor X1 (Serie 8<) / SÖRENSEN Inclination Switch X1 (Series 8<)
€184.80 *
Order number: SO3032
Neigungssensor X1/SX1 (Serie 5-7) / SÖRENSEN Inclination Switch X1/SX1 (Series 5-7)
€184.80 *
Order number: SO3031L
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