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Warnleuchte Hella 3003
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Warning Light Hella 3003

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  • BL9500
Warning Light Hella 3003 / Hazard Warning Flasher Combined hazard warning flasher and work... more

Warning Light Hella 3003 / Hazard Warning Flasher

Combined hazard warning flasher and work lamp with black mounting bracket.

Yellow lens for hazard flasher, white for work lamp. The bulb and reflector pivot to the desired function when the switch above the lens is actuated. The light exit angle on the work lamp can be varied by moving the feet to three different positions. The lamp is stable up to a wind velocity of 9. Housing orange-coloured plastic, feet black plastic with rubber nubs. 5 x 1.5 mono cells (R20 or LR20) not included with lamp. With built-in tester for battery capacity. With fitted 6V bulb. Flash frequency > 60 flashes per minute. Operating time with new alkaline batteries: Hazard flasher approx. 40 hours, Work lamp approx 25 hours.

Warnleuchte Hella 3003 (Akku) Warning Light Hella 3003 (Accu)
€81.60 *
Order number: BL9501
Wechsler Relais 5-pol 12V / 30/40A mit Diode / HELLA Changeover Relay 5-Pole 12V / 30/40A / Diode
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Warnflaggen-Satz 420x250mm (Aluminium-Halter) Truck Flag Kit 420x250mm (Aluminum holder)
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Elektromotor 12V / 0,5kW / DHOLLANDIA Electric Motor 12V / 0,5kW
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Order number: MO1263
Dichtsatz SZ Ø40/70 (Typ 1) MBB-PALFINGER Sealing Kit TC Ø40/70 (Type 1)
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Order number: MBB5140.2
Hauptplatine Control Plus (A3) / MBB-PALFINGER PCB Control Plus (A3)
€576.23 *
Order number: MBB1036
Neigungssensor B16 Control (rot/2,90m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B16 Control (Red/2,90m)
€181.27 *
Order number: MBB1007
Gasfeder 10/22x505mm (500N) Auge Ø8mm Gas Spring 10/22x505mm (500N)
€18.60 *
Order number: GF2010.505.0500
Blinkgeber universal 24V / Hella Flasher Unit Universal 24V
€23.49 *
Order number: E1295.24
Warnleuchten-Satz LED (Dhollandia) Flashing Light Set LED (Dhollandia)
€142.00 *
Order number: BL9013
Dome Light 11W PL-S 12V / Dutch Electro / DEMCO Dome Light 11W PL-S 12V
€69.13 *
Order number: BL8570.12
Ventilblock BG hydraulisch Ausfahren H42/R42/R41 Valve block kit for hydraulic sliding out...
€499.00 *
Order number: BA7082
Leistungsrelais 24V / 150A Motor Relay 24V / 150A
€59.39 *
Order number: LR1209.24
Leistungsrelais 12V / 150A Motor Relay 12V / 150A
€59.39 *
Order number: LR1209.12
Warnleuchte LED (Dautel) -NEU- / DAUTEL Ladebordwand Flashing Light LED (Dautel) -NEW-
€80.44 *
Order number: BL9014
Hydraulikaggregat 12V-1,2kW-0,85ccm / MBB-PALFINGER Power Pack 12V-1,2kW-0,85ccm
€1,626.07 *
Order number: MBB1953
PCB MAX 24V (DLB-47/48) PCB MAX 24V (DLB-47/48)
€282.00 *
Order number: DA1029
Hydraulikaggregat 24V-1,2kW-1,20ccm / DHOLLANDIA Power Pack 24V-1,2kW-1,2ccm
€1,746.25 *
Order number: DH1950
GF2050_Gasfeder_300N_485mm_Kunststoffkoepfe.jpg Gas Spring 8/19x485mm (300N)
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Order number: GF2050.48.30
Spannungswächter 24V/40A Voltage Monitor 24V/40A
€109.85 *
Order number: E1355
Kabelsatz Fußschaltung (AMP) / ZEPRO Cable Set Foot Control (AMP)
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Order number: ZE1200
Blinkgeber mit Neigungsschalter / ZEPRO Flasher with Inclination switch
€120.69 *
Order number: ZE1100
Wechselventil H42/R42 / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Alternating Check Valve H42/R42
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Order number: VB1107
Steckdose 4-polig 1h (Ladeleitung) Socket 4-Pole 1h (Charging System)
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Order number: ST0456
Stecker 4-polig 1h (Ladeleitung) Plug 4-Pole 1h (Charging System)
€48.72 *
Order number: ST0455
Stecker 4-polig 7h (Ladeleitung) Plug 4-Pole7h (Charging System)
€48.72 *
Order number: ST0450
Stecker 3-polig 24V (Ladeleitung) Plug 7-Pole (Charging System)
€39.50 *
Order number: ST0308
Stecker 3-polig 24V 25A (Clang) Ladeleirung Plug 3-Pole 24V 25A (Clang)
€59.60 *
Order number: ST0306
Stecker 3-polig Plug 3-Pole (Plastic)
€7.81 *
Order number: ST0300
Hubzylinder Ø63mm (X1A-1000) / SÖRENSEN Lifting Cylinder Ø63mm (X1A-1000)
€860.00 *
Order number: SO6163
Sealing Kit LC Ø40/80mm (X1-1500/1501) / SÖRENSEN Sealing Kit LC Ø40/80mm (X1-1500/1501)
€120.00 *
Order number: SO6015
Schließzylinder Ø45/70mm (X1A-1000) / SÖRENSEN Tilting Cylinder Ø45/70mm (X1A-1000)
€863.28 *
Order number: SO5145
Neigungssensor X1 (Serie 8<) / SÖRENSEN Inclination Switch X1 (Series 8<)
€184.80 *
Order number: SO3032
Neigungssensor X1/SX1 (Serie 5-7) / SÖRENSEN Inclination Switch X1/SX1 (Series 5-7)
€184.80 *
Order number: SO3031L
Hydraulikaggregat 24V-1,2kW-1,00ccm / SÖRENSEN Power Pack 24V-1,2kW-1,00ccm
€986.70 *
Order number: SO1956
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