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Dichtsatz HZ Ø45mm (DLB950-47) DAUTEL
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Sealing Kit LC Ø50mm (DLB950-47)

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  • DA6050.2
Sealing kit Ø50mm for lifting cylinder (LC) DLB950-47 / DAUTEL Sealing kit... more

Sealing kit Ø50mm for lifting cylinder (LC) DLB950-47 / DAUTEL

  • Sealing kit for piston rod Ø50mm
Suitable for: Dautel
Tail Lift Type: DLB950-47
Diameter (piston): 45mm
Reference number: 0090949
Suitable for: Dautel
Tail Lift Type: DLB950-47
Diameter (piston): 45mm
Reference number: 0090949
Dichtsatz HZ Ø45mm (DLB500/750-47) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø45mm (DLB500/750-47)
€138.24 *
Order number: DA6045.2
SO1705_1.jpg Aggregate Cover X1/SX1
€80.86 *
Order number: SO1705
Aggregathaube DLB-36/46/47/48 / DAUTEL Aggregate Cover DLB-36/46/47/48
€97.18 *
Order number: DA1710
Schließzylinder Ø45/70mm (X1A-1000) / SÖRENSEN Tilting Cylinder Ø45/70mm (X1A-1000)
€863.28 *
Order number: SO5145
Aggregathaube X1 / SÖRENSEN Aggregate Cover X1
€103.40 *
Order number: SO1700
Hauptplatine 24V (X1/SX1) / SÖRENSEN Printed Circuit Board 24V (X1/SX1)
€198.48 *
Order number: SO1009.24
Hauptplatine 12V (X1/SX1) / SÖRENSEN Printed Circuit Board 12V (X1/SX1)
€198.42 *
Order number: SO1009.12
Elektromotor 12V / 0,8kW (Hydro-Tek) Electric Motor 12V / 0,8kW (Hydro-Tek)
€245.80 *
Order number: MO1276.12
Main Fuse 50A CF8 Main Fuse 50A CF8
€7.06 *
Order number: E1700.050
Haubenhalter / DHOLLANDIA Fastening Rubber
€9.00 *
Order number: DH1798
Dichtsatz HZ Ø75mm (DLB-47/48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø75mm (DLB-47/48)
€181.84 *
Order number: DA6175.2
Schutzrohr Ø55/90x330mm (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Protective Tube Ø55/90x330mm (DLB-47/48)
€28.39 *
Order number: DA6155.3
Hubzylinder Ø55 (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Lifting Cylinder Ø55 (DLB-47/48)
€913.00 *
Order number: DA6155
Dichtsatz HZ Ø40mm (DLB500/750-36) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø40mm (DLB500/750-36)
€153.96 *
Order number: DA6140.2
Dichtsatz HZ Ø35/70mm (DLB1250/1500/1750-45) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø35/70mm (DLB1250/1500/1750-45)
€124.40 *
Order number: DA6135.2
Dichtsatz HZ Ø70mm (DLB-46VA/47VA) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø70mm (DLB-46VA/47VA)
€188.87 *
Order number: DA6120
Dichtsatz HZ/SZ Ø70mm (DLB-46/VA/VB/VC) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC/TC Ø70mm (DLB-46/VA/VB/VC)
€188.87 *
Order number: DA6110
Hubzylinder Ø50 (DLB950-47) / DAUTEL Ladebordwand Lifting Cylinder Ø50 (DLB950-47)
€1,011.47 *
Order number: DA6050
Dichtsatz SZ Ø50 (DLB-46) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø50 (DLB-46)
€184.51 *
Order number: DA5250.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø30/50 (DFL500/750/1000-48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø30/50 (DFL500/750/1000-48)
€136.70 *
Order number: DA5230.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø63 (DLB500-750/-36) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø63 (DLB500-750/-36)
€156.38 *
Order number: DA5163.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø50/75 (DLB-47/48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø50/75 (DLB-47/48)
€196.42 *
Order number: DA5150.2
Dichtsatz Schließzylinder Ø45/70 (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø45/70 (DLB-47/48)
€196.42 *
Order number: DA5145.2
Faltenbalg Ø55/75x290mm (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Dust Cover Ø55/75x290mm (DLB-47/48)
€34.41 *
Order number: DA5140.3
Dichtsatz SZ Ø40/63 (DLB-47/48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø40/63 (DLB-47/48)
€183.11 *
Order number: DA5140.2
Faltenbalg Ø40/60x295mm (DL500/750/950-47/48) / DAUTEL Dust Cover Ø40/60x295mm (DL500/750/950-47/48)
€32.09 *
Order number: DA5130.3
Aufstellklappe A2 (N) bis 06/2013 / DAUTEL Flap Trolley Stop A2 (N) till 06/2013
€62.92 *
Order number: DA3832
Spitze Randabschluß links (DFL/DL) DAUTEL Platform Edging Tip Left (DFL/DL)
€90.03 *
Order number: DA3732.L
Hydrauliktank 4,6 Ltr. DLB-45 (Oilsystem) / DAUTEL Hydraulic Tank 4,6 Ltr. DLB-45 (Oil Sistem)
€289.76 *
Order number: DA1806
Aggregathaube DFL / DAUTEL Aggregate Cover DFL
€58.40 *
Order number: DA1720
Aggregathaube DLB500/750-47 / DAUTEL Aggregate Cover DLB500/750-47
€130.17 *
Order number: DA1719
Randabschlußspitze links 450mm / VA / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Edging Tip left 450mm / Inox
€199.00 *
Order number: BA3720.L
Kontacktblock 2xNO / Fernbedienung Contact Block 2xNO (for Remote Control)
€4.88 *
Order number: FB9020
Sicherungsschraube M12x12mm Locking screw M12x12mm
€1.53 *
Order number: MBB4188
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