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Retaining Tube Control Box
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Retaining Tube Control Box

€60.09 *

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  • DA2100.7
Suitable for: Dautel
Reference number: 2014190
Suitable for: Dautel
Reference number: 2014190
Control Box K+ KUZ Control Box K+ KUZ
€310.50 *
Order number: MBB2062
Control Panel Slimpanel "Plus" Control Panel Slimpanel "Plus"
€480.28 *
Order number: MBB2057
Mounting Kit Control Box Mounting Kit Control Box
€6.83 *
Order number: DA2100.6
Bolzen Ø35x208mm / Lasche (VA) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Bolt Ø35x208mm / Tongue (VA)
€92.61 *
Order number: SO4302.35208
Handbedienkasten X1 12V/24V (Serie 9-10) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Control Box X1 12V/24V (Series 9-10)
€734.36 *
Order number: SO2120
Handbedienkasten X1 24V (Serie 7-8) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Control Box X1 24V (Series 7-8)
€809.71 *
Order number: SO2110
Handbedienkasten X1 12V (Serie 7-8) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Control Box X1 12V (Series 7-8)
€809.71 *
Order number: SO2109
Handbedienkasten X1 24V (Serie 4-6) / SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Control Box X1 24V (Series 4-6)
€809.71 *
Order number: SO2100
Handbedienkasten X1 12V (Serie 4-6) / SÖRENSEN Control Box X1 12V (Series 4-6)
€826.30 *
Order number: SO2099
Kabelsatz 4-Knopf / 2-Zyl. (PBS1010-1510) PALFINGER-PALGATE Cable Set 4-Button / 2-Cyl. (PBS1010-1510)
€438.93 *
Order number: PA3145
Tragrohrkappe (Control-Platine) PALFINGER Tube Cover (Control-PCB)
€35.53 *
Order number: MBB1843
Tragrohrkappe mit Schwenkhalter (Control-Platine) PALFINGER Tube Cover with Bracket (Control-PCB)
€40.97 *
Order number: MBB1841
Hauptplatine Control ECO AQ (Umbausatz) / PALFINGER PCB Control ECO AQ (Conversion Kit)
€555.44 *
Order number: MBB1038
Hauptplatine Control Plus (Umbausatz) / MBB-PALFINGER PCB Control Plus (Conversion Kit)
€600.92 *
Order number: MBB1034
Neigungssensor B16N (rot/4,00m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B16 (red/4,00m)
€174.63 *
Order number: MBB1009
Neigungssensor B16 Control (rot/2,90m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B16 Control (Red/2,90m)
€181.27 *
Order number: MBB1007
Spannhülse Ø10x60mm VA / SÖRENSEN Clamping Pin Ø10x60mm VA
€2.78 *
Order number: KM1019.1060
Drehschalter II-O-I Satz / Dhollandia Rotary Switch II-O-I Set
€32.38 *
Order number: DH2245
DH2230_2.jpg Contact Block With Bracket (green/2xNO)
€19.25 *
Order number: DH2230
Kontaktblock (rot/1xNC) / DHOLLANDIA Contact Block (red/1xNC)
€5.75 *
Order number: DH2221.1
Bolzen Ø35/45/52x105mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Bolt Ø35/45/52x105mm
€76.00 *
Order number: BA4320.35105
Lagerbuchse Ø35/40x65mm (Kunststoff) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Bearing Bush Ø35/40x65mm (Plastic)
€15.90 *
Order number: BA4255
Handbedienkasten EVO 7000 / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Control Box EVO 700
€349.00 *
Order number: BA2208
Handbedienkasten EBC (S2/S4) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Control Box EBC (S2/S4)
€299.00 *
Order number: BA2206
Handbedienkasten EBC (S2/S2L) / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Control Box EBC EBC (S2/S2L)
€299.00 *
Order number: BA2193
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