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Kabelfernbedienung 3-Knopf (mit Stecker) BÄR-CARGOLIFT
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Remote Control 3-Button (with plug)

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  • BA2262
3-button cable remote control / BÄR-CARGOLIFT tail lift Remote control for four... more

3-button cable remote control / BÄR-CARGOLIFT tail lift

  • Remote control for four functions (up / down / open / close)
  • Coiled cable with 7-pin connector
  • Length of the spiral approx.: 0.55m + approx.: 2.0m cable
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Function: 3-Knöpfe
Reference number: 200010338
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Function: 3-Knöpfe
Reference number: 200010338
Fernsteuerung 4-Knöpfe (Notbedienung) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Remote Control 4-Button (Emergency Control)
€189.00 *
Order number: BA2220
Fernbedienung 4-Knopf (8xNO) Remote Control 4-Button (8xNO)
€41.73 *
Order number: FB4000
Kontacktblock 2xNO / Fernbedienung Contact Block 2xNO (for Remote Control)
€4.88 *
Order number: FB9020
Kabel Platine-Handkabelschalter / MBB-PALFINGER Cable PBC / Remote Control
€22.79 *
Order number: MBB2269
Bolzensatz (S4-B3/-C3/-B4/-C4) / Messingbuchsen Bolt Set (S4-B3/-C3/-B4/-C4) / Brass Bushings
€1,199.00 *
Order number: BA4712
Fernbedienung 2-Taster (ohne Stecker) Remote Control 2-Button (Without Plug)
€74.45 *
Order number: MBB2270.1
Ball Coupling Ball Coupling
€189.00 *
Order number: KR8050
Fernbedienung 3-Knopf (6xNO) Remote Control 3-Button (6xNO)
€39.06 *
Order number: FB3000
Wendelleitung 5x0,75mm² - PUR/PUR Coiled Cable 5x0,75mm² - PUR/PUR
€20.79 *
Order number: E8010
KB1203_Kohlebuerstensatz_Baer_Cargolift_MBB_Palfinger.jpg Carbon Brush Set 15,6x8,6x20mm (Hydac)
€116.47 *
Order number: KB1203
Handsender 4-Kanal / Funkfernbedienung Palfinger Hand Transmitter 4-Channel / Radio Remote...
€311.52 *
Order number: MBB2276.1
Bolzensatz BC1000 S4-A3/4 BC1500 S4L-A4 / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Bolt Set BC1000 S4-A3/4 BC1500 S4L-A4
€949.00 *
Order number: BA4709
Kabelsatz Fußschaltung (AMP) / ZEPRO Cable Set Foot Control (AMP)
€289.55 *
Order number: ZE1200
Kabelverteiler Plattform / ZEPRO Cable Distributor Platform
€108.78 *
Order number: ZE1105
Stecker 7-polig 12V Plug 7-Pole 12V
€4.30 *
Order number: ST0720
Zuleitung Magnetventil Kostal M24/27x1 Supply Cable Kostal M24/M27x1
€19.98 *
Order number: ST0292
Bolzen Ø30x67mm / MBB-PALFINGER Bolt Ø30x67mm
€21.67 *
Order number: PA4005
O-Ring Ø47,0x5,3mm / SÖRENSEN O-Ring Ø47,0x5,3mm
€5.07 *
Order number: OR4753
Elektromotor 12V / 0,5kW / DHOLLANDIA Electric Motor 12V / 0,5kW
€325.00 *
Order number: MO1263
Elektromotor 24V / 3,0kW Haldex Concentric Electric Motor 24V / 3,0kW (Haldex)
€592.00 *
Order number: MO1245H
Elektromotor 24V / 2,0kW (Sternantrieb) ZEPRO Laebordwand Electric Motor 24V / 2,0kW (Star)
€277.20 *
Order number: MO1224.24
Folding Cylinder Ø30/40mm Folding Cylinder Ø30/40mm
€273.64 *
Order number: MBB7200
MBB4312.36091 / MBB-PALFINGER Bolt Ø36x91mm
€21.90 *
Order number: MBB4312.36091
Bolzensatz Ø28mm MBB-PALFINGER Bolt Set Ø28mm
€299.43 *
Order number: MBB3979
Fernbedienung 2-Taster (mit Stecker) MBB-PALFINGER Remote Control 2-Button (With Plug)
€77.10 *
Order number: MBB2270
Neigungssensor B16 Control (rot/2,90m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B16 Control (Red/2,90m)
€181.27 *
Order number: MBB1007
Kohlebürsten-Satz 13x9x26mm (MB) Carbon Brush Set 13x9x26mm (MB)
€43.65 *
Order number: KB1206
Kohlebürsten-Satz 20x9x28mm Carbon Brush Set 20x9x28mm
€39.10 *
Order number: KB1202
Kabel 7 x 1,50mm² Cable 7x1,50 mm²
€4.60 *
Order number: KA2225
Cable 2x1,50 mm² Cable 2x1,50 mm²
€1.50 *
Order number: KA2100
Fernbedienung 2-Knopf (4xNO) Remote Control 2-Button (4xNO)
€36.92 *
Order number: FB2000
Steckgehäuse 3-pol / MBB-PALFINGER Connector Housing 3-Pole
€2.23 *
Order number: EK9010.3
Flachsteckhülse 0,5-1,5mm² / 4,8-6,8x0,8 / Raste / MBB-PALFINGER Cable Connector Fermale 0,5-1,5mm² /...
€0.45 *
Order number: EK1020
Hydraulikschlauch 3100mm Dhollandia Ladebordwand Hydraulic Hose 3100mm EØ10mm - E10mm (DN5)
€45.12 *
Order number: DH7585.3100
Ground Roller Ø40/75x47mm Ground Roller Ø40/75x47mm
€18.13 *
Order number: DH3510
Faltenbalg Ø60/85x320mm (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Dust Cover Ø60/85x320mm (DLB-47/48)
€34.41 *
Order number: DA5145.3
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