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Plattformkabel 1800mm (SX1) BÄR-CARGOLIFT
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Platform Cable 1800mm (SX1)

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  • BA1200
Platform cable from the PCB to the platform interface for SX1 series / BÄR-CARGOLIFT... more

Platform cable from the PCB to the platform interface for SX1 series / BÄR-CARGOLIFT

  • Control cable with bayonet connector 7-pole
  • Length: 1800mm
  • Cores: 6x 0.75mm²
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Tail Lift Type: BC1000 SX1
Length: 1800mm
Reference number: 01.122689, 101122689
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Tail Lift Type: BC1000 SX1
Length: 1800mm
Reference number: 01.122689, 101122689
Plattformkabel 2200mm (S2) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable 2200mm (S2)
€37.00 *
Order number: BA1203
Plattformkabel 3000mm (S4) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable 3000mm (S4)
€51.00 *
Order number: BA1205
 Plattformkabel EBC 3000mm (S4) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable EBC 3000mm (S4)
€43.00 *
Order number: BA1215
Plattformkabel 1500mm (S4) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable 1500mm (S4)
€37.00 *
Order number: BA1210
Plattformkabel 2600mm (BC750-S2) / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable 2600mm (BC750-S2)
€66.00 *
Order number: BA1216
Plattformkabel 4000mm (H42/R42) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable 4000mm (H42/R42)
€29.00 *
Order number: BA1209
Plattformkabel EBC 2200mm (S2) / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable EBC 2200mm (S2)
€43.00 *
Order number: BA1214
Verlängerungskabel Blinkleuchten 2500mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Cable Flashing Lights 2500mm
€21.00 *
Order number: BA1211
Leistungsrelais 24V / 150A Motor Relay 24V / 150A
€59.39 *
Order number: LR1209.24
Zuleitung Magnetventil 4,5m / Kostal M27x1 Kunststoffmutter Supply Cable 4,5m / Kostal M27x1
€19.45 *
Order number: ST0293
Magnetspule 24V / Ø13x40 / M24x1 Kostal / DHOLLANDIA Solenoid Coil 24V / Ø13x40 / M24x1 Kostal
€18.60 *
Order number: MS1004.24
Magnetspule 24V / Ø13x40 / M27x1 Kostal / MBB-PALFINGER Solenoid Coil 24V / Ø13x40 / M27x1 Kostal
€18.60 *
Order number: MS1003.24
Plattformkabel 3,90m / MBB-PALFINGER Platform Cable 3,90m
€109.85 *
Order number: MBB1200
Hauptplatine Control Premium (Umbausatz) / MBB-PALFINGER PCB Control Premium (Conversion Kit)
€645.51 *
Order number: MBB1031
Aggregathaube DLB-45 / DAUTEL Aggregate Cover DLB-45
€214.96 *
Order number: DA1705.1
Plattformkabel 5,5m (DFL) / DAUTEL Platform Cable 5,5m (DFL)
€183.89 *
Order number: DA1033
Steuerkastenkabel 2,0m (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Control Box Cable 2,0m (DLB-47/48)
€64.84 *
Order number: DA1032
Plattformkabel 5,1m (DLB-47/48) / DAUTEL Platform Cable 5,1m (DLB-47/48)
€157.92 *
Order number: DA1030
Steckergehäuse 7-polig (APD) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Connector Housing 7-Pole (APD)
€7.60 *
Order number: BA3290.1
Steuerstromkabel 15m (Fahrerhaus) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Control Power Cable 15m (Cabin)
€71.00 *
Order number: BA1220
Plattformkabel eBC 4000mm (H42/R42) / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Platform Cable EBC 4000mm (H42/R42)
€43.00 *
Order number: BA1217
Plattformkabel EBC 5500mm (S4U) BÄR-Cargolift Platform Cable EBC 5500mm (S4U)
€55.00 *
Order number: BA1212
Platform Cable 1000/2000mm Platform Cable 1000/2000mm
€68.00 *
Order number: BA1208
Steuerstromkabel 2700mm (S2) Control Power Cable 2700mm (S2)
€52.00 *
Order number: BA1202
Steuerstromkabel 950mm (S2/S4/F2) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Control Power Cable 0950mm (S2/S4/F2)
€44.00 *
Order number: BA1201
Warnleuchten Satz Hula-Blitz Mini 22 (Master/Slave) Flashing Lights Set Hula-Blitz Mini 22...
€75.20 *
Order number: BL9015.SET
Reparatursatz Fußschalter X1 (Serie 5<) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Repair Kit Foot Switch X1 (Series 5<)
€51.79 *
Order number: SO3002B
Warnleuchte LED (Dautel) -NEU- / DAUTEL Ladebordwand Flashing Light LED (Dautel) -NEW-
€82.85 *
Order number: BL9014
Kabel Handbedienkasten EVO 7000 / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Cable Control Box EVO
€159.00 *
Order number: BA2208.1
Kabel Platine-Handkabelschalter / MBB-PALFINGER Cable PBC / Remote Control
€22.79 *
Order number: MBB2269
Protective Tube Ø69/94x250mm Protective Tube Ø69/94x250mm
€24.00 *
Order number: BA6163.3
Bolt Ø35x185mm Bolt Ø35x185mm
€76.00 *
Order number: BA4581
Abrollsicherung Bausatz 2Ax 800/90/800 Roll Stop Complete 2Ax 800/90/800
€569.00 *
Order number: BA3835.800Ax
Hydraulikaggregat 12V-0,8KW-0,7ccm / DAUTEL Power Pack 12V-0,8kW-0,7ccm (Hydro-Tek)
€1,006.00 *
Order number: DA1902
Hydraulikaggregat 12V-0,8kW-0,60ccm (250Bar) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Power Pack 12V-0,8kW-0,60ccm (250Bar)
€889.00 *
Order number: BA1954
Hydraulikaggregat 24V-1,2kW-1,20ccm / DHOLLANDIA Power Pack 24V-1,2kW-1,2ccm
€1,798.75 *
Order number: DH1950
Spannungswächter 24V/40A Voltage Monitor 24V/40A
€109.85 *
Order number: E1355
Kabelsatz Fußschaltung (AMP) / ZEPRO Cable Set Foot Control (AMP)
€289.55 *
Order number: ZE1200
Platine 3-Relais (BZ/RZ) / ZEPRO Ladebordwand PCB 3-Relays (BZ/RZ)
€91.75 *
Order number: ZE1000
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