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Sicherungshalter Bausatz (Mini) BÄR-CARGOLIFT
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Fuse Holder Kit (Mini)

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  • BA1057.1
Fuse Holder Kit (Mini) / BÄR-CARGOLIFT This kit is required when converting the old relay... more

Fuse Holder Kit (Mini) / BÄR-CARGOLIFT

This kit is required when converting the old relay board to the new electronic control

Contents of the kit:

  • Fuse holder (mini)
  • Blade fuse 15A (mini)
  • Heat shrink connector
  • Ring eyelet M8 / 1.5-2.5mm²
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Reference number: 01.136685, 101136685
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Reference number: 01.136685, 101136685
Hauptplatine 24V (X1/SX1) / SÖRENSEN Printed Circuit Board 24V (X1/SX1)
€198.48 *
Order number: SO1009.24
Hauptplatine 24V (H42/R42/R41) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Printed Circuit Board 24V (H42/R42/R41)
€319.00 *
Order number: BA1056
Dichtsatz HZ Ø45mm (DLB950-47) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø50mm (DLB950-47)
€136.24 *
Order number: DA6050.2
Haube elektrische Schnittstelle / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Cap Electric Interface
€15.70 *
Order number: BA1019
Ventileinsatz Ø13 / UNF / DW / NH / DHOLLANDIA Valve Insert Ø13 / UNF / DA / EC
€78.44 *
Order number: VE1002
Control-Unit X1 (Serie 8-9) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Control Unit X1 (Series 8-9)
€464.53 *
Order number: SO2130
SO1705_1.jpg Aggregate Cover X1/SX1
€80.86 *
Order number: SO1705
Hauptplatine 12V (X1/SX1) / SÖRENSEN Printed Circuit Board 12V (X1/SX1)
€198.42 *
Order number: SO1009.12
Sicherungshalter MEGA Fuse Holder MEGA
€7.89 *
Order number: SH1000
Platine 24V (PBS1010-1510) / MBB-PALFINGER PCB 24V (PBS1010-1510)
€105.50 *
Order number: PA1003
Hauptplatine 24V (PBS1000-1500) / MBB-PALFINGER PBC 24Volt (PBS1000-1500)
€627.30 *
Order number: PA1000
Elejtromotor 12V / 1,5kW (OEM / Star) / BÄR CARGOLIFT Electric Motor 12V / 1,5kW (OEM / Star)
€399.00 *
Order number: MO1213H.12
Blechfeder Aufstellklappe (ALUSTAR) / MBB-PALFINGER Spring (ALUSTAR)
€8.96 *
Order number: MBB3822
Neigungssensor B16N (rot/4,00m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B16 (red/4,00m)
€174.63 *
Order number: MBB1009
Leistungsrelais 24V / 150A / Albright Motor Relay 24V / 150A (Albright)
€68.78 *
Order number: LR1207.24
Leistungsrelais 24V / 80A / Albright Motor Relay 24V / 80A (Albright)
€67.95 *
Order number: LR1206.24
Sicherung MEGA 350A / Littelfuse / grün Fuse MEGA 350A
€6.43 *
Order number: E1722.350
Sicherung MEGA 250A / Littelfuse / rosa Fuse MEGA 250A
€6.43 *
Order number: E1722.250
Sicherung MEGA 150A / Littelfuse / rot Fuse MEGA 150A
€6.43 *
Order number: E1722.150
Sicherung MEGA 80A / Littelfuse Fuse MEGA 80A
€6.43 *
Order number: E1722.080
Main Fuse 50A CF8 Main Fuse 50A CF8
€7.06 *
Order number: E1700.050
Kontaktblock (grün / NO) / DHOLLANDIA Contact Block (green/1xNO)
€5.75 *
Order number: DH2221.2
Platine 24V / DHOLLANDIA PCB 24V
€116.25 *
Order number: DH1025
Klemmleiste >2010 / DHOLLANDIA Connection Block >2010
€74.13 *
Order number: DH1012
Ventilblock HZ (DLB-47) DAUTEL Valve Block LZ (DLB-47)
€62.40 *
Order number: DA6853
Dichtsatz HZ Ø40mm (DLB500/750-36) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø40mm (DLB500/750-36)
€153.96 *
Order number: DA6140.2
Dichtsatz HZ Ø35/70mm (DLB1250/1500/1750-45) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø35/70mm (DLB1250/1500/1750-45)
€124.40 *
Order number: DA6135.2
Dichtsatz HZ Ø30/55mm (DLB1000-45) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø30/55mm (DLB1000-45)
€156.64 *
Order number: DA6130.2
Dichtsatz HZ Ø70mm (DLB-46VA/47VA) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø70mm (DLB-46VA/47VA)
€188.87 *
Order number: DA6120
Dichtsatz HZ/SZ Ø70mm (DLB-46/VA/VB/VC) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC/TC Ø70mm (DLB-46/VA/VB/VC)
€188.87 *
Order number: DA6110
Hubzylinder Ø50 (DLB950-47) / DAUTEL Ladebordwand Lifting Cylinder Ø50 (DLB950-47)
€1,011.47 *
Order number: DA6050
Dichtsatz HZ Ø45mm (DLB500/750-47) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø45mm (DLB500/750-47)
€138.24 *
Order number: DA6045.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø50/70 (DLB-45) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø50/70 (DLB-45)
€196.42 *
Order number: DA5450.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø40/63 (DLB-45) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø40/63 (DLB-45)
€183.11 *
Order number: DA5340.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø50 (DLB-46) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø50 (DLB-46)
€184.51 *
Order number: DA5250.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø30/50 (DFL500/750/1000-48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit LC Ø30/50 (DFL500/750/1000-48)
€136.70 *
Order number: DA5230.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø70/90 (DLB-47/48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø70/90 (DLB-47/48)
€196.42 *
Order number: DA5170.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø63 (DLB500-750/-36) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø63 (DLB500-750/-36)
€156.38 *
Order number: DA5163.2
Dichtsatz SZ Ø50/75 (DLB-47/48) DAUTEL Sealing Kit TC Ø50/75 (DLB-47/48)
€196.42 *
Order number: DA5150.2
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