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CargoSeal Sealing Profile
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CargoSeal Sealing Profile

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  • BA3750.7
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Reference number: 101124252
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Reference number: 101124252
Dichtprofil 2,5m / MBB-PALFINGER Sealing Profile 2,5m
€23.55 *
Order number: MBB3740
Stecker 4-polig 7h (Ladeleitung) Plug 4-Pole7h (Charging System)
€48.72 *
Order number: ST0450
Washer Deflektor Washer Deflektor
€3.40 *
Order number: SRV1310
Stromregelventil Ø2,0mm / 5,0L/min / SÖRENSEN / BÄR Ladebordwand Flow Control Valve Ø2,0mm / 5,0L/min
€24.00 *
Order number: SRV1280.20
Control-Unit X1 (Serie 10) SÖRENSEN Ladebordwand Control Unit X1 (Series 10)
€454.10 *
Order number: SO2131
Aggregathaube X1 / SÖRENSEN Aggregate Cover X1
€103.40 *
Order number: SO1700
C-Schiene 2,5m (Aluminium) / MBB-PALFINGER C-Profile 2,5m (Aluminum)
€24.90 *
Order number: MBB3739
Platine 24V / DHOLLANDIA PCB 24V
€112.88 *
Order number: DH1025
Warnleuchte LED (BÄR/DAUTEL) Flashing Light LED (BÄR/DAUTEL)
€59.90 *
Order number: BL9007
Hubzylinder Ø60 (BC1500-S4) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Lifting Cylinder Ø60 (BC1500-S4)
€839.00 *
Order number: BA6160A
Kederprofil / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Rail Seal
€12.40 *
Order number: BA4008
Rear Portal Sealing 2810mm Rear Portal Sealing 2810mm
€58.00 *
Order number: BA3750.9
Rear Portal Rail 2800mm Rear Portal Rail 2800mm
€92.00 *
Order number: BA3750.8
Stop Bar For CargoSeal Stop Bar For CargoSeal
€159.00 *
Order number: BA3750.1
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