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Bolzensatz BC1000 S4-A3/4 BC1500 S4L-A4 / BÄR-CARGOLIFT
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Bolt Set BC1000 S4-A3/4 BC1500 S4L-A4

€949.00 *

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  • BA4709
Bolt set / bearing bush set for BÄR-CARGOLIFT tail lift   Consisting of:... more

Bolt set / bearing bush set for BÄR-CARGOLIFT tail lift


Consisting of:

  • 2x joint plate left
  • 2x joint plate on the right
  • 8x bolts
  • 4x sleeve
  • 4x stub bolts
  • 12x bearing bush
  • 2x ground roller
  • various accesories
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Tail Lift Type: BC1000 S4-A3, BC1000 S4-A4, BC1500 S4L-A4
Reference number: 200009443
Suitable for: BAR Cargolift
Tail Lift Type: BC1000 S4-A3, BC1000 S4-A4, BC1500 S4L-A4
Reference number: 200009443
Bolzensatz Ø28mm MBB-PALFINGER Bolt Set Ø28mm
€299.43 *
Order number: MBB3979
Aggregathaube >2013 (ohne Schalter) / DHOLLANDIA Aggregate Cover >2013 (without switches)
€324.75 *
Order number: DH1705
BA2110.jpg Seal control box
€5.30 *
Order number: BA2110
Bolzensatz (S4-B3/-C3/-B4/-C4) / Messingbuchsen Bolt Set (S4-B3/-C3/-B4/-C4) / Brass Bushings
€1,199.00 *
Order number: BA4712
Kabelsatz Fußschaltung (AMP) / ZEPRO Cable Set Foot Control (AMP)
€289.55 *
Order number: ZE1200
Kabelverteiler Plattform / ZEPRO Cable Distributor Platform
€108.78 *
Order number: ZE1105
Neigungssensor B16 Control (rot/2,90m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B16 Control (Red/2,90m)
€181.27 *
Order number: MBB1007
Platine 24V / DHOLLANDIA PCB 24V
€116.25 *
Order number: DH1025
BA5250_3_1.jpg Protective Tube Ø70x180mm (H42/R42)
€25.00 *
Order number: BA5250.3
Sechskantschraube M16x110mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Hex Bolt M16x110mm
€4.70 *
Order number: BA4894
Bolzen Ø35/30x165mm (für Bodenrolle) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Bolt Ø35/30x165mm (for Ground Roller)
€54.00 *
Order number: BA4600
Bolzen Ø35x120mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Bolt Ø35x120mm
€58.00 *
Order number: BA4575
Bolzen Ø40/30x185mm (für Bodenrolle) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Bolt Ø40/30x185mm (for Ground Roller)
€82.00 *
Order number: BA4301.40185
Kabelfernbedienung 2-Knopf (mit Stecker & Halter) Remote Control 2-Button (with plug)
€99.00 *
Order number: BA2260
Spitze Randabschluss links (Kolas L/M/S) Platform Edging Tip Left (Kolas L/M/S) -New-
€125.10 *
Order number: MBB3756.L
KB1203_Kohlebuerstensatz_Baer_Cargolift_MBB_Palfinger.jpg Carbon Brush Set 15,6x8,6x20mm (Hydac)
€116.47 *
Order number: KB1203
Kabelfernbedienung 3-Knopf (mit Stecker) BÄR-CARGOLIFT Remote Control 3-Button (with plug)
€114.80 *
Order number: BA2262
Umbausatz Handbedienkasten (AQ) MBB-PALFINGER Tail Lift Conversion Kit Control Box (AQ)
€319.30 *
Order number: MBB2041
Sicherungsschraube M12x16mm Locking screw M12x16mm
€0.97 *
Order number: MBB4189
Leistungsrelais 12V / 150A Motor Relay 12V / 150A
€59.39 *
Order number: LR1209.12
Warnleuchte LED (Dautel) -NEU- / DAUTEL Ladebordwand Flashing Light LED (Dautel) -NEW-
€82.85 *
Order number: BL9014
Bolzen Gelenkkonsole Bausatz - schmierbar für S4 / BÄR_CARGOLIFT Ladebordwand Swing bolt kit - greasable for S4
€219.00 *
Order number: BA4689
Bodenrollensatz Ø25mm (VA) MBB-PALFINGER Ground Roller Set Ø25mm (VA)
€87.99 *
Order number: MBB3577
Bodenrollensatz Ø28mm (VA) MBB-PALFINGER Ground Roller Set Ø28mm (VA)
€99.98 *
Order number: MBB3576
Halter Bedienpanel X1 / SÖRENSEN Bracket for Control Panel X1
€20.13 *
Order number: SO2094
Ground Roller Ø25/80x36mm Ground Roller Ø25/80x36mm
€41.39 *
Order number: MBB3509
Neigungssensor B15S (3,50m) PALFINGER Inclination Sensor B15S (3,50m)
€270.83 *
Order number: MBB1015
Mounting Kit Control Box Mounting Kit Control Box
€7.03 *
Order number: DA2100.6
Distanzscheibe Ø17/50x10mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Spacer Ø17/50x10mm
€4.90 *
Order number: BA4830
Distanzscheibe Ø30/44x2mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Spacer Ø30/44x2mm
€2.40 *
Order number: BA4829
Distanzscheibe Ø30/50x12mm / BÄR-CARGOLIFT Spacer Ø30/50x12mm
€3.20 *
Order number: BA4828
Hydraulikaggregat 24V-1,2kW-1,20ccm / DHOLLANDIA Power Pack 24V-1,2kW-1,2ccm
€1,798.75 *
Order number: DH1950
Protective Tube BZ10-131S Protective Tube BZ10-131S
€38.90 *
Order number: ZE6145.3
Hydrauliktank 3,3 Ltr. / ZEPRO Hydraulic Tank 3,3 Ltr.
€82.53 *
Order number: ZE1806
Kabelsatz Fußschaltung (Hirschmann) Cable Set Foot Control (Hirschmann)
€289.00 *
Order number: ZE1205
Ventileinsatz 4/2 / Ø16 / 7/8" 16UNF / OILSISTEM Valve Insert 4/2 / Ø16 / 7/8" 16UNF
€170.13 *
Order number: VE4215
Desiccant Bag Desiccant Bag
€1.90 *
Order number: TRB1000
Stecker 7-polig (Ladeleitung) Plug 7-Pole (Charging System)
€37.00 *
Order number: ST0734
Steckdose 7-polig 12V Socket 7-Pole 12V
€5.55 *
Order number: ST0721
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